Michelle K.

The team at Capital Fitness is exceptional. The way they make each person feel like they receive one/one attention during the workouts is phenomenal. The gym is always clean and the technology that is used is great… I can’t say enough about #CapFit…

I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to try it out! You wouldn’t be disappointed. If you are ready to feel energized by the Coaches, the team and by the workouts- what are you waiting for? Today is YOUR DAY!

Charlie P.

This place is amazing! Great atmosphere, and a wonderful staff! Their main goal is to help you reach your goals and evolve them into a future “you” that isn’t on your radar yet. They provide an in-depth body scan to evaluate body structure and give you a realistic workout plan to boost you to the next level! The workouts aren’t as easy as eating McDonald’s; but you won’t regret them!

Tiffany W.

Before I joined Capital Fitness I could barely get out of bed without moaning and groaning that something hurt. Every move hurt….walking, sitting, standing, getting in and out of bed. I was a few days shy of my 57th birthday. I took a tour and met some wonderful people that encouraged me that day (and every day since). So I made the decision to join Capital Fitness as a member. Best decision ever!! When I started I could not do a push up, a pull up, lunges, high steps…..there were lots of things I couldn’t do. A box jump? Yeah right, never ever would I be able to accomplish that so why even try? Well, today I can do all those things AND I can do box jumps. I may have fallen on my first attempt and that was because I did it “my way”. I was immediately corrected and spotted and succeeded (not gonna lie…box jumps still make me a little nervous but that’s because I think “at my age, should I really be doing this”). Someone made reference to our gym being like Cheers, where everyone knows your name. Not only do they know your name, they cheer you on every single day loud and proud!

Kayla S.

When you walk into the gym, EVERYONE is warm and positive. Everyone says “hi” and wants you to succeed. This is like NO OTHER GYM. The classes are challenging and they offer different versions for different levels. The smoothie bar has the BEST protein smoothies in town, hands down (pretty sure I have been to them all). Many classes offered each day, 6 days a week and I love the option of the open gym. I used to work out twice a week, but now I’m at 4-6 times a week, due to the fact that I love coming here. If you want a successful, positive workout where form is #1, run to Capital Fitness! ALL fitness levels will benefit from this great place.

Julie F.

The entire staff and coaches at Capital Fitness are incredible. I started when the gym first opened and loved the energy right away. Proper Form is first and foremost important to me as I have had multiple knee surgeries and hip injuries from younger year sports and Coach Damien has trained his staff that proper form is very important during these HIIT classes. Group classes are so fun and only 40 minutes but you will burn 400 calories on the regular. I also enjoy that all ages, body types, shapes and sizes are present. Since starting, I’ve lost 22 lbs, almost 17 inches and gained almost 5% muscle mass which is huge. My energy has improved, mood is so much better and I’m sleeping like a baby. All the coaches are incredible. Private Showers available and the facility is super clean. Signup and come meet me, I’ll hold you accountable!

Jessica L.

Capital fitness was presented at such a perfect time in my life. I was transitioning into a new beginning. Being apart of the foundational stages watching Damien & Courtney’s journey is truly Inspiring. To see and experience the hard work and dedication of the team to help buildup and strengthen the life’s of others is what life and community is all about.

What capital fitness has to offer is so much more than just a gym. It’s a way to become the best version of yourself and truly prosper in life on every level mind body & soul. With like minded people.

Limor N.

I love Capital Fitness! The workouts are so great and I feel such a great burn! The entire facility smells great and is always clean. The coaches are the best! They push you while correcting your form to prevent injury. And they show you love! Capital fitness is a family and I’m so happy to be part of it!! If you’re not a member yet I definitely recommend joining! You won’t regret it!!

Melanie B.

Cap fit is much FUN!! What a great work out daily. The staff is so friendly and helpful and there’s no muscle heads trying you show you up! All ages and all strength levels are welcome to come. They have a protien shake bar too that’s open to the public! Tell them Melanie sent you and when you sign up I’ll treat you to a free shake!! 😁 Good luck! 💪

Laurie H.

I moved to Fort Myers from Southern California and I finally found a Fitness Center that suits my needs. At Capital you are coached by incredibly talented professionals. It’s a safe environment for less experienced individuals. The workouts are meticulously planned adding a fun element everyday. Don’t get me wrong…the workouts are challenging, but you can go at your own pace and sometimes modify your workout if needed. The coaches guide and encourage you along the way. The fresh protein shake bar is awesome and you can buy healthy meals to go. This is a 100% complete center. Not to mention The testing piece to check on your progress! No place like it in the surrounding area. I’m a lifer!!! Thanks Capital!!! I have something to look forward to each day. 🏋️‍♂️🏥 There is nothing better than being healthy!!

Melissa K.

I have belonged to many gyms in Ft Myers and this by far is my favorite. The coaches are energetic and encourage with the right amount of sass!

Michelle F.

Best gym in town! The owners and staff will make you feel like family. They make working out fun! The facility is beautiful and all of the equipment is new and sanitized after each use.

Brandon R.

This is the BEST gym in Fort Myers hands down. If you want to see serious results and be part of a beautiful community, join Capital Fitness! All the trainers are super knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I absolutely love coming here and you will be welcomed into a great community of people!

Sean R.

Joining CapFit is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. I joined Nov of 2023, and the culture, trainers, innovative workouts, and members have transformed my mental & physical health. The gym equipment is top-notch, and the staff is dedicated and knowledgeable. I highly encourage anyone looking to make a positive change in their health and lifestyle to take the first step. Just walk in the door and talk to someone.

Bianca D.

Love this gym , the coaches and staff are amazing. The gym family is super supportive, encouraging, friendly and caring. This gym is so clean , they make awesome shakes and have delicious lean box meals . Owners Damien and Courtney are wonderful, caring people that make everyone feel like family . I am enjoying the theme days , they are super fun . They also have started doing outside events like bowling and taco days which is a great way to meet a lot of the other members . Go check out this place and join our family.

Erica L.
Community at a gym is important to me and being brand new to the area I was hoping I didn’t have go back to CrossFit just for that reason (loved the people but the workouts weren’t sustainable for me)

I am so grateful I discovered Capital Fitness because they thrive on it! The owners are wonderful and the trainers are so fun & motivating and knowledgeable. Workouts are different every day. You look around at the members & know everyone really wants to be there and that is a testament to the vibe! HIGHLY recommend checking them out.